by zoesylviasimpson

I know I literally just posted a blog post but sod it, I’m becoming an addict.

Thought I’d share some ideas I have for my caravan, just to settle the minds of those of you who have little faith in me and this project {I know who you are, there’s no point pretending!}.

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{These photos were found on Pinterest, however I have cited the websites which they were attached to so as to avoid plagiarism and what not.}

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I love this idea; the colours are beautiful and I love how light and airy it is. Also, I absolutely LOVE the bunting {love a bit of bunting, me} and the shelf with the cute little ornaments!

I really like the paint job on this one, and also the idea of giving the caravan a name… and the bunting! Oh, the bunting!

I like the idea of covering the seats with pretty blankets if I lose the motivation to reupholster all the cushions. The rug is a nice touch too!

Definitely going to do this cute window plants idea!

…and that’s the flooring sorted…

This is a good idea for the permanent seating area I’m going to make. And, it goes without saying… bunting!

I really like the idea of putting curtains up in front of the bed… and the fairy lights! So elegant. I love it!

Not a huge fan of the decor in this one, however the shape of this part of the caravan reminds me of where the toilet is in mine – right next to the wardrobe. I was going to take the toilet’s walls down anyway so I really like the idea of putting shelves in it’s place.

Gorgeous wall paper! Seen some similar to this on Ebay… not too pricey either!

These curtains are gorgeous! I bet I could make some of my own…

I saw some little picket fencing in a shop the other day {really cheap too!} – such a great way of ‘cutening’ up the outside of the caravan as well as hiding all the unsightly mess underneath!

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That’s it for now – if I don’t stop now I never will…

Hopefully you’re getting the gist of what I’m planning to do with my little camper by now!