Setting things in motion…

by zoesylviasimpson

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Good news!

Today I bought a caravan!

So I guess this project is officially happening now. No turning back!

I can’t help but shake my head at the thought that I spent my Valentine’s day with a caravan… cute.

I’m probably more excited about it than I’ve ever been excited about Christmas or birthdays. I feel all giddy and bubbly and my head is bursting with ideas and I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight because it’s being brought home tomorrow morning and oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

I’ve been Pinteresting and Youtubing and Googling all sorts of ideas and found out ways of fixing certain things which might cause problems such as bits of damp or leaks. Although, that being said, the caravan I’ve bought was an absolute bargain – only one problem and that’s a tiny bit of damp on one of the walls – nothing that can’t be fixed by ripping the inside wall out and replacing it. Grrr, hurly-burly man-stuff (but I can be a man when I need to be!).

Pinterest is a gem for ideas on different ways of decorating and making the most of caravan space. I’ve pinned so many things on there so I’m sure I’ll be kept busy all Summer! I’m definitely going to invest in a tonne of fairylights and cushions and gorgeous fabrics and ornaments… eeeeek I’m so excited!!

I’ll probably make a separate post with a load of ideas all over it for what I want to do to my lovely little caravan but until then have a look at what I have to work with…


Seating/double bed

The front seating area which I’ll convert into a permanent double bed. Also, the cushions will be reupholstered so they’re lovely and pretty of course!

Window ledge

Kitchen area/seating

Kitchen area

Back area of caravan

Thinking of converting this seating/tabled area into a permanent sofa area. The area on the left of this picture is the toilet but there’s no loo in there so I’m planning on ripping all that out and creating extra space for maybe a unit with a TV on it.

Problem area: damp wall

…Every rose has it’s thorn… but we’ll sort that in no time.

Problem area: damp wall

So yeah! Project caravan is a go!

Stay tuned, x