It’s all coming together…

by zoesylviasimpson

I’ve been a busy bee lately!

Not only am I smashing through these essays that are due in scarily soon, but I’ve also got a lot done on the caravan.

Don’t you love feeling productive!?

I haven’t been keeping on top of my blog (whoops!), so there’s a lot to catch up on…

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

First of all, remember that eye-sore of a wall I was going on about in my last post? If not, here’s a reminder:

Photo 20-03-2015 16 54 06

I left it for a week (in the typically British rain and wind) to see if there were any water leaks I’d missed, and to my surprise there weren’t! So I bought some MDF to cover the ugly bodges with. These were really cheap at just £6.50 a sheet. The sheets were about 4 foot by 2.5 foot so I bought two. I measured the caravan wall up to under the window where the top of the damage was and then simply scored the MDF sheets to size. I was proper dead chuffed when I realised I’d got the sizes dead on and they fitted under the window like a jigsaw! Here’s what it looked like when finished…


Not bad eh?

I fixed the sheets to the wall using a mixture of super strong spray adhesive and a cheaper version of No More Nails adhesive. I then applied masking tape around the edges just to make sure the sheets were staying put and that any draughts were kept out.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Then, I set about wallpapering the wall with paintable textured wallpaper. The wallpaper I used was half a roll my mum had left over from a few years ago. It’s simple stripes and I know they definitely still sell it in Wilkinson’s for about £6 a roll so I’ll be able to get some more.

I’d never wallpapered before in my entire life so (with a little help from the mother) this was my first attempt…


I haven’t got round to cutting it around the window yet, and I’m not wallpapering right up to the cupboards as it was too fiddly (and I’m too lazy).

Also, you’ll notice I’ve started painting the wallpaper. I’m aware it’s pretty much the same colour the previous owners have painted the ‘van but it’s a pretty colour and I like it and it’s my caravan and I’ll do what I want with it, alright? The colour, if you’re wondering, is ‘powder blue’ by Dulux. I only used a tester, which is why I didn’t paint very much. The tester pot was a quid. I could probably save myself a fortune and paint the whole thing using tester pots…

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

I’ve also finished painting the woodwork and now the interior is looking a lot brighter, fresher, cleaner… just better, really! You can see the overhead cabinets fully painted in the picture above. Here are some pictures of the other areas I painted…

5 6

Ignoring the unpainted handles (the reason for this being that I’m going to replace them with better-looking ones), I think it looks lovely!

There is one small dilemma, however… after spending about 5 hours painting the kitchen unit I had the idea of ripping the whole unit out, creating more space (seeing as I don’t plan on cooking in the ‘van, anyway), and perhaps putting a small desk there instead… Then, the overhead cabinets above the kitchen unit could be turned into a book shelf and that whole area could be a work space.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. However, I wish I’d thought of it before I spent so long painting the chuffing thing…

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

I can’t remember if I wrote in my last blog post about trying to move the caravan from the driveway where it was to the front garden where I wanted it… anyway, we tried to do that. Tried, and failed. We pushed and pulled and kicked and shoved and the bloody thing wouldn’t move. Why not? Well, we realised why not today, only two weeks later…

The handbrake was on. Idiot.

(Hahahahahahahaha hahaha ha ha ha. Ha.)

With brains in our heads at long last and the handbrake off, we managed to maneuver the ‘van onto the front garden, where it now rests. Here’s a couple of pictures:

7 8


With the ‘van in it’s new resting place, it’s not in the way of the drive, the view is a lot prettier and, most importantly of all, I get better Wi-Fi!!!

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

With the ‘van looking and feeling a lot cleaner, cosier and warmer, I’ve decided tonight I’m gonna give it a test run as a bedroom and sleep in it for the first time.

Wish me luck!